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Information About Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination or Negative Weekly Test Results

Students and faculty can submit their proof of vaccination using Self Service or through the mobile app. Proof of vaccination needs to be only submitted once. Student Services will keep a record of your vaccination information and your submission information will be confidential.

Students will submit proof of their negative test results using Self Service each week. It is your responsibility to upload your results via Self Service up to one week prior to you being on campus. A Rapid Test result is OK to submit. However, we do not accept home test results. 

We only accept COVID-19 antigen (Rapid) or PCR screening tests from a pharmacy or participating provider. Results of home test kits are not accepted.

The on-site test will be offered at no cost to you.

Within one week prior to your first class and no less than 72 hours prior to your first class, you should take your initial test. Going forward, we recommend that those who opt for weekly testing plan to take their tests on the same day of the week to maintain the integrity of weekly testing.  Keep in mind the days of the week that the on-site testing facilities will be available on your campus as you determine the best day of the week for you.

Days available for testing

Day of my first class

Days prior to take test


Monday thru Thursday of the previous week


Tuesday thru Friday of the previous week


Wednesday thru Saturday of the previous week


Thursday thru Sunday of the previous week


Friday thru Monday of the previous week


If you are absent on your normally scheduled testing day, you should test on the next available day which should be within 72 hours after you would normally have tested or 72 hours prior to your next in person class. This may require you to obtain a test from an authorized testing site.

Failure to provide proof of vaccination or weekly proof of negative test results will result in a student code of conduct violation which could lead to academic suspension or dismissal. The college reserves the right to send any student home who fails to provide the necessary documentation. Forgetting to be tested does not excuse you from the absentee policy of your class.

Refer to the Student Handbook

If you are submitting to weekly testing or have submitted your vaccination card and you test positive, you will be sent home as an excused absence. Your instructor will work with you to ensure that you are able to make up the classwork you miss. If you test positive and have not been following protocol, you will be sent home as an unexcused absence and will be subject to the college's student conduct policy and all course policies regarding unexcused absences.

Students who will not be attending class on campus/in person will not be required to test weekly.  Please be advised that students who plan to visit the campus for any reason will need to provide proof of vaccination or a valid negative test for the week of that visit.  (This includes attending sporting events, tutoring, testing, library visits and all other on campus activities). You may test on the same day for these one-off visits and must be able to present your proof of negative test when asked.

General FAQ's

We have four possible course options for this upcoming semester that meet state safety guidelines and will provide you a supportive and collegiate learning experience.

On-campus learning: In-person instruction delivered in an assigned socially-distanced classroom. The faculty member is in the classroom with students for the regularly scheduled days/times. Masks are required.

Remote learning: Synchronous, remote classes meeting on the regularly scheduled days/times using either Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom.

Online learning: Asynchronous learning, utilizing Blackboard Learn. Students receive lessons and assignments from the professor. Coursework must be completed within the individual professor’s timeline.

Hybrid learning: Combines on-campus and online learning. In-person instruction meets once a week in an assigned socially-distanced classroom. The online component uses Blackboard Learn.

For questions, email

Atlantic Cape has enacted numerous safety protocols in order to keep visitors safe. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and common areas
  • Implementing hand sanitizing stations across each of our 3 campus locations
  • Installing plexiglass barriers between staff and visitors for transactions
  • Mandating masks be work in all indoor areas of campuses
  • Recommended social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • Remote learning/work opportunities and staggered schedules to reduce the amount of people on campus

Yes. If you plan on visiting campus, make sure you follow the guidelines on the Campus Safety Page. You will also be required to wear a mask and have proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test result. 

As of March 2022, wearing masks on any campus is voluntary, but subject to change.

If you are registered for six or more credits in the semester, you can qualify for a FREE laptop. If you are interested in this loan-to-own program, please email with your name, student ID, email and phone number.

If you need to return a loaned laptop, contact to make an appointment to return it.

Free Wifi is available at all campuses.

If you need access to Wifi at your home, please contact and we will help you decide on the best Wifi resource for this semester.