Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment

Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment facilitates and provides the fundamental support for the college-wide strategic planning, assessment, accreditation, and data informed decision making in an effort to continuously improve Atlantic Cape.
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Dean, Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness and Information Technology Services
Vanessa O'Brien-McMasters, Ed.D.

Director, Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
Luis Montefusco, B.S.

Senior Research Technician, Institutional Research
Matt Miller, B.A.

Senior Manager, Institutional Planning and Assessment
Jennifer Martucci, B.A.

Institutional Research designs research studies and analysis for projects such as program Link to middle states pagereviews, accreditation reviews, budget planning and gathers information for specific ad hoc inquiries. The IR team has access to campus-wide data systems, and they maintain historical data for quick reference. In addition to the daily ad hoc inquiries, the IR team adheres to mandated state and federal reporting requirements.