Mission Statement

Culinary students


Atlantic Cape Community College creates opportunity by providing access to excellent programs and services that successfully meet students' educational goals.


  • Integrity: Assure the public's trust.
  • Caring: Committed to student success.
  • Accountability: Accept responsibility for all college actions.
  • Respect: Honor and value every member of the community.
  • Excellence: Provide the highest quality programs and services.


Atlantic Cape Community College will be the region's preferred choice for higher education and professional training and a leading catalyst for economic and workforce development. The college will anticipate and fulfill regional educational needs, strengthen our community's economy, and partner with K-12 and higher education institutions to create seamless educational pathways and maximize student success.


Goal 1: Connect

Connect and engage students with opportunities to be successful.

Goal 2: Plan

Assist students in creating and fulfilling their academic and career plan.

Goal 3: Complete

Increase the number of students who successfully complete their educational goals.

Goal 4: Lead

Lead the institution to excellence through continuous improvement and the effective and efficient use of resources to maximize student success.