Procedure No. 14.1
Area: Board of Trustees

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Maintenance of the Policy and Procedures Manual

This function will include the following routine duties:

  1. Keep an updated master set of all approved and published policies and procedures.
  2. Maintain a record of all the designated holders of complete or partial sets.
  3. Print all new and approved pages and distribute them to designated holders.
  4. Send copies of individual statements of policies and procedures to State offices as required by New Jersey Regulations.
  5. Call in sets of policies and procedures when the holders leave their positions and reissue up-to-date sets to their successors.

Policies may be revised or new ones issued at any time the Trustees choose to do so. However, by their nature, policies do not change very frequently. The President and Deans shall usually be given opportunity to consider and comment upon proposed policy changes prior to final action by the Trustees. The President and Deans may issue procedures on their own initiative in matters where they have delegated authority, but they shall report them first to the Board of Trustees.

Procedural statements may be issued at any time by the departments in which they apply. These must be approved by the cognizant Dean and also by the President when their effect extends into other departments.

New policy and procedure pages will be issued to designated holders of manuals following their adoption or approval by the appropriate administrative level.

A copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual will be housed in the following locations:

  1. Office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees - Main campus
  2. Daniel Leeds Library - main campus
  3. Office of the Director of Administrative Services - Atlantic City Center
  4. Office of the Director - Cape May Extension Center

The Campus Information System will contain an up-to-date copy of the Policy and Procedures Manual for quick-reference.

Academic Administration Procedures are not published separately but are incorporated in the Faculty Handbook (which also contains procedures of other departments with which faculty members should be familiar.) Personnel Procedures, pertaining to terms and conditions of employment, are published in contract form for the various bargaining units. The Student Services, Security and Financial Aid areas also have separate manuals of procedures.

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