Procedure No. 22.1

Adopted: 03/28/06  

Committees: Application for Service


___________________________________ ____________________________
Name (please print) Years of Board Service


I understand:

The Board Chair will consider my committee preferences Committee service is for one year or if the committee is dissolved in less than one year
My duty is to attend all committee meetings and fulfill specified committee functions
Time, length and frequency of meetings may vary and I will allow 90 minutes per meeting

___________________________________ _____________________________
Signature Date



Check at least two committees you prefer. Indicate your preferred day and desire for morning, afternoon or evening meetings. The committee chair will consider preferences.

( ) Academic & Student Affairs Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( )
Members review new academic courses/programs, transfer articulation agreements, dual and concurrent enrollment/tech prep and other secondary school articulations, program review outcomes/performance indicators, accreditation reports, and program terminations. 
Members also review student affairs related to recruitment, admissions, enrollment and student services programs and processes.


( ) Foundation Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( ) 
Members work with the Foundation Board to provide funding and support to the College, its students and educational endeavors, through special-event fundraising and community philanthropy.


( ) Budget, Finance & Audit Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( ) 
Members review financial policies, the annual budget (and recommend it for full Board approval) and monitor financial reports prepared by staff and external auditors.


( ) LR Planning/Capital Projects Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( ) 
Members review capital planning issues including prioritization of construction, maintenance and equipment projects as well as the availability of funds to meet these needs. Members also engage in legislative representation on behalf of the Board.


( ) Minority Affairs Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( ) 
Members review staff and faculty recruiting and hiring practices along with student recruitment and enrollment processes. The committee reviews academic and student support services designed to encourage, retain and graduate minority students and participates in such programs.


( ) Personnel Day ( ) am( ) pm( ) Evenings( ) 
Members review sensitive and confidential employee matters including recommendations for appointments, resignations, non-renewals and promotions. During negotiations, this committee reviews collective bargaining matters. Members also plan Board development activities.


Please complete and return this form to the Board Secretary by December 1.



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