Policy No. 106

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 

Description: Tenure

The College supports the concept and purposes of academic tenure. The following guidelines should control tenure recommendation:

1. Tenure is to be recommended only after the most careful consideration of past and potential contribution to the College. At the December Board meeting, the Dean of Academics will brief the Board on each faculty member to be tenured as of the following September.

2. In considering tenure appointment, weight will be given to distinction in teaching and in service to the College.

3. All recommendations will be expected to be considered in the context of the College mission, overall needs, and long-range plans of the department and the campus as a whole.

4. All departments should make it a matter of continuing concern to maintain an appropriate balance between non-tenured and tenured faculty, and should try to space tenure appointments to achieve a relatively even balance between the rate of appointment to tenure and the anticipated rate of retirement and resignation. Individual departments should determine the balances appropriate to their own situations; they should use 75% as a general guide for maximum proportion of tenured to untenured faculty.

5. The framework of tenure review will be campus-wide planning presentations that will be expected to include information on present and anticipated percentages of tenured faculty.

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