Procedure 206.1
Area: Student Affairs

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 05/26/10

Description: Student Governance

The Student Government Association operates under the mandate of the Atlantic Cape Student Government Constitution and Bylaws.

Any unresolved issues in the operation and function of the Student Government Association will be processed according to the Atlantic Cape Judicial Review Board Constitution and Bylaws.

The Student Government Association is financed through a Student Activity Fee.

The Executive Board is responsible for the business affairs of the SGA. This Board approves all payments on behalf of the SGA and its chartered organizations. All purchases for the SGA activities must be processed through the College's purchasing procedures.

All SGA funded travel must be of an educational nature. All leisure travel must be supported by club funds or paid out of pocket.

All travel for SGA organizations must follow the College's student travel policies and be approved in advance by the Office of the Dean of Students.

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