Procedure No. 210.1
Area: Student Affairs

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 8/3/10

Description: Student Grievance

Procedures: Student Grievance.

  • Step 1-Resolution at level when grievance began; often the most effective means of resolution is through a direct and informal meeting with the source of the conflict. Before further appeal procedures are explored, the direct informal meeting is held.
  • Step 2-Immediate supervisor appeal: Department Chairperson or Coordinator. If unable to resolve the grievance at the source (step 1), the next recourse would be with the immediate supervisor of the person being grieved who would then be responsible to settle the conflict at that level. The student may address the complaint to the supervisor either directly or request a College counselor to assist with clarifying and presenting the student's concerns.
  • Step 3-Mediation (optional). If unable to resolve through the first two steps, the student may seek a mediated settlement of the dispute by involving a representative of the Dean of Students. The representative will conduct a fact-finding procedure in which the positions of each disputant will be collected and organized. The representative takes on the roll of ombudsman, and becomes an institutional advocate, supporting the student's position if judged to be a victim of unjust practices. If it appears the student has no real basis for a grievance, the ombudsman would support the faculty member or College administrator being grieved. In either case, a solution would be recommended based on an objective, fact-finding analysis. This would be a non-binding recommendation in an attempt to provide both parties with a fair and equitable solution. If the mediated settlement is not acceptable to both parties, the adjudication would be indicated.
  • Step 4-Adjudication. With an impasse reached at the mediated stage, a binding, adjudicated settlement will be rendered by the executive associated with the affected area, i.e. Dean of Students, Academic Dean, etc. The procedure leading to this adjudicated settlement will be administered by the representative who will determine the appropriate body (Academic Standards Committee, Student Conduct Appeals Committee, etc.) to hear the student grievance and to recommend its conclusions to the appropriate division executive who adjudicated it. The settlement then becomes the binding settlement of the institution. Student-initiated grievances at this stage must be submitted in writing and must include the following: 1) statement describing the basis for the appeal; 2) a rationale for the grievance; 3) a detailed description of steps taken to date with their dispositions; and a statement describing remedies sought.


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