Procedure No. 210.2
Area: Student Affairs

Adopted: 1/9/18

Description: Student Complaint- Continued Process for Improvements Informed by Complaint Log Assessment

The Office of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs will keep on file a record of each complaint, its nature, and resolution.

  • Complaint Logs will be summarized by the Offices of Student and Academic Affairs and provided to the President’s Cabinet for review once a semester. Cabinet Members will review the logs for analysis of trends and emerging themes. This data will be utilized to inform revisions in necessary policies and procedures via feedback-loop methodology.
  • If any trends or themes are reported, it is the responsibility of the applicable Cabinet Members to collaborate in the development of a formal plan of action to address the concerns.
  • The respective formal plans will be shared with the full Cabinet.


Student Complaint- Process for Filing a Complaint No. 210.1

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