Policy No. 403

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 05/12/00

Revised 6/24/08 

Description: Projects Involving New or Changed Technologies

Users of college technologies shall not modify, or cause to be modified, college technologies or any of their components or configurations, without the consent and involvement of ITS. This includes, but is not limited to:

. Changes to existing software or hardware;
. Additions, upgrades, or removal of software;
. Additions, removal, or connecting or disconnecting of hardware;
. Changes in software configurations, other than window, icon, or menu settings to satisfy personal preferences;
. Changes to settings on shared printers;
. Moving of equipment from one location to another;
. Acquisition of technology.
Under no circumstances whatsoever, academic settings or otherwise, shall diagnostic tools or network monitoring hardware or software be used on campus networks, computers, or peripherals except with the express written permission of the Dean of ITS.

All efforts that may result in a change in the technology infrastructure shall be conducted as formal projects involving some combination of the following project phases:

. Conceptual work
. Planning and research
. Evaluation
. Pilot projects
. Special projects
. Full implementation


Conceptual Work No. 403.1
Research and Planning No. 403.2
Evaluation No. 403.3
Pilot Projects No. 403.4
Special Projects No. 403.5
Full Implementation No. 403.6



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