Procedure No. 403.1
Area: Information Technology Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Conceptual Work

Ideas for projects can come from anywhere. Constructive criticism of the technology infrastructure from diverse points of view is encouraged and welcomed. Users may see the need to make a change to support curricular changes or administrative needs. ITS may see the need to make a change for greater efficiency or effectiveness toward current goals, or to keep the infrastructure from getting too far out of line with current industry levels. Typically this phase will involve informal cooperation between technical and non-technical staffs.

The result of brainstorming in this phase should be a short paper describing the need. This paper serves as a vehicle for conversations within the parts of the organization that have supervisory responsibilities for its non-technical aspects. Good ideas should make their way to the Senior Staff member for the areas and be approved by them before coming to ITS as a formal project.


Research and Planning No. 403.2
Evaluation No. 403.3
Pilot Projects No. 403.4
Special Projects No. 403.5
Full Implementation No. 403.6

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