Procedure No. 403.2
Area: Information Technology Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Research and Planning

The concept paper will make its way to ITS with an indication of priority from the Senior Staff member. Before ITS makes any purchases or changes to the technology infrastructure, the concept document must become a project plan supported by research. The depth of research and planning will vary from project to project. But in all cases these tasks give us a chance to specifically define objectives and compare various technological and non-technological options for meeting them.

The result of the research and planning phase will be a detailed project plan, costs, and support material sufficient to begin work. The project will then be reviewed by ITS management and any others who might incur costs. Approved projects are then scheduled. Research and Planning should proceed from general concepts (philosophical issues, pedagogical issues, institutional and departmental goals and objectives) to specific activities and should generally follow the track of several questions:

. What, specifically, do we want to accomplish?
. Is this an instance of a more generic objective that would be valuable to the college?
. How would we do it without technology?
. What kinds of technological components do we need?
. How do they relate to the current infrastructure and what synergies can be realized if the scope of this project is adjusted or expanded?
. What have been the experiences of others?
. What technologies of the kinds identified above are available, and how do they compare in terms of functionality and cost?
. Specifically, what needs to be done and what kinds of resources are required?


Evaluation No. 403.3
Pilot Projects No. 403.4
Special Projects No. 403.5
Full Implementation No. 403.6

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