Procedure No. 403.3
Area: Information Technology Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Evaluation

Some projects may simply be aimed at exploring a technology or comparing similar products against one another. These "evaluation" projects typically involve one person or a small group paired with one or two technical people. An evaluation is undertaken with a reasonable assumption that a technology of the kinds evaluated (not necessarily the specific ones evaluated) will be of some benefit. These "evaluation" projects should begin with a concept paper and research and planning, continue to acquisition of the technologies, and end with a report on the results of the evaluation. Recommendations for further work based on an evaluation would constitute a separate project and begin again with the concept paper.

Evaluation projects should be undertaken with the expectation of some confusion and instability in the technology. The technology will be new to us and perhaps to the industry as well. ITS will offer a strong support but may tend toward work-arounds rather than permanent solutions, and will rely more heavily on vendor support as a substitute for ITS work.


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