Procedure No. 403.5
Area: Information Technology Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Special Projects

We often have a need to place technology for an employee over and above that allocated in the normal way, to meet a special need. An evaluation project can be seen as an instance of this "special project" category, as can the loan of a computer for home for learning or practicing with a new program. Equipment allocated as part of a grant may be a special project. The key concept in special projects is that the technologies are placed for a limited time, perhaps from one week to one year with one semester or less being typical. At the end of the project the technology is returned to ITS, the project report is written, and new projects may be spawned for pilots or full implementation.

Special projects should be undertaken with the expectation of some confusion and instability in the technology. The technology may be the only configuration of its kind at the college. ITS will offer a strong support but may tend toward work-arounds rather than permanent solutions.


Full Implementation No. 403.6

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