Policy No. 405

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revised: 6/24/08 

Description: Software Development By Employees

Very often in the course of using computers in the office, we develop spreadsheets, report writer requests, and even local databases to fulfill on-going needs. These are akin to the applications that professional programming staff develop and should be created and maintained with the same attention to detail and reliability that professional development staff apply to their work.

Users may feel free to construct spreadsheets and reports using appropriate end-user tools.

Locally-developed applications shall not duplicate systems already in place, but shall be constructed so as to work in concert with existing systems and leverage their capabilities.

Shadow databases are duplicative and often inconsistent with the college's management information systems and their use is strongly discouraged.

All software applications for college use developed using programming languages, file management packages, or database software shall be developed with the consent and involvement of ITS, in order to minimize redundancy of systems and data, and to maximize the reliability, feasibility, and synergy of the resultant applications. ITS will provide no support for locally-developed applications, except where they are developed as a component of the central campus software environment.


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