Policy No. 410

Adopted: 04/23/96
Reviewed: 6/24/08 

Description: Use of Personal Technology on Campus

Employees may bring technology not owned by the college to campus, with the following provisions:
  • Equipment brought from home may not be connected to any college equipment or networks without the consent and involvement of ITS.
  • Software brought from home may not be installed on college equipment without the consent and involvement of ITS. ITS will have no responsibility for support of that software once installed.
  • College funds may not be used to supply equipment not owned by the college, nor may college supplies (paper, ribbons, etc.) be used for other than college work.
  • Employees shall adhere to the college code of ethics for the use of technology, current copyright law, and licensing agreements for any technology used on college grounds or in the name of Atlantic Cape Community College, regardless of whether the technology is owned by the college.

College insurance will cover losses to equipment, software, and documentation while these items are "in the college's control" such as in an employee's office. Claims are limited to the sent value of the items, and must be supported by original invoices for the items.


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