Policy No. 411

Adopted: 7/25/00

Revised: 6/24/08 


Description: Use of College Technology by Faculty and Staff and College Community

Technology at Atlantic Cape Community College is to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner that is consistent with the College's mission. 


General Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

1. Each department/area determines what constitutes appropriate use according to functions of that department/area. Each department/area is responsible for defining, publicizing and advising users of the department's area's appropriate use guidelines.

2. Technology must support appropriate use of technology-generated information. Access to and manipulation of college information must be consistent with the integrity of Atlantic Cape Community College and applicable state and federal regulations.

3. Technology is to be utilized in a manner that maintains its efficiency and effectiveness. Users should be trained and supported in the proper use of technology to prevent wasting resources and contaminating information.

4. Each user is responsible for properly using technology.


Specific Guidelines for the College Community

Users of technology at Atlantic Cape will:

1. Respect individuals' rights to privacy.

2. Communicate in language and images that are not offensive, profane or obscene.

3. Protect the confidentiality of personal communication.

4. Adhere to the intellectual property laws regarding copyright protected materials.

5. Treat technology hardware and software in a manner that does not damage or interfere with its use.

6. Limit use, when necessary, to allow other users access to services.

7. Engage only in technology-based activities that are related to the College's mission.

See Also: Information Technology Services Policies No.402406409 and 410.

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