Procedure No. 502.1 Supplement 1
Area: General Administration

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Memorandum - Emergency Closings Procedures

                       Atlantic Cape Community College

Office of the Dean of Facilities, Planning and Research



TO: All Employees

FROM: Dean of Facilities, Planning and Research

SUBJ: Emergency Closings





Definition of Employee Responsibilities During Emergency Closings

In the event of hampering weather conditions, physical plant problems or a national/state/local emergency situation, it may become necessary that the College close for the safety and/or protection of all employees and students.

For purposes of identification, employees are designated as:

A. Faculty

B. Staff

C. Essential staff


The College President is responsible for establishing

those times when the College shall be closed for emergency purposes.

The President's Office is responsible for the necessary communication concerning a closing. The manner in which the College shall be closed will be determined by the President based on a recommendation from the Facilities, Planning and Research Department.

The College may be closed with the following stipulations:

A. For faculty and students only.

B. For faculty, students, and staff.


In the case of the emergency closing of the College for faculty and students, the President or his designee is responsible for notifying the media of the closing.

Students and faculty will be informed of the closing via a variety of media messages(radio, TV, Web, text messaging) previously determined by the Office of Communications and College Relations and the Facilities department.

The radio stations will identify schools by name, i.e., Atlantic Cape Community College. Under some circumstances, one or more campuses may be closed.

Each department head will be responsible through a chain of communication for notifying each respective department employee impacted by the closing. Unless an employee is called or in some way notified of the closing, the employee is expected to report to work as usual. In the absence of a granted leave, i.e. vacation leave, failure to report to work under the aforementioned conditions may place the employee in a non-pay status for the period of absence. If an employee feels that he/she cannot, in all good conscience, arrive to work because of inclemency then he/she may opt to use vacation time.

Essential staff employees, as previously defined, are required to report to work under all circumstances. It should be noted that there has been no attempt to equate the relative danger in driving conditions for student travel versus employee travel. It must be assumed that an employee, whose individual situation as to road and traffic conditions prohibits his/her getting to the College, is within reason and right in determining not to endanger life and limb.

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