Policy No. 503

Grants Procurement/Administration

Adopted: 04/23/96

Revisions Approved: 11/22/16 

The mission of Atlantic Cape Community College (Atlantic Cape) is advanced by applying for grants from public and private funding sources. For Atlantic Cape's Resource Development Department, the term "grants" is understood to include all funds (grants and contracts) awarded competitively and non-competitively by external and partnering funding sources. The College applies for grants in accordance with grant-seeking best practices. Atlantic Cape's strategic plan and advancement priorities provide direction to all grant-seeking activities.

In addition, inter-agency agreements between an entity, (such as the county Workforce Development Board), and the College are made at the discretion of Atlantic County and Cape May County on an as-needed basis.

All applications for grants, competitive contracts and inter-agency agreements to be submitted by Atlantic Cape, and all applications to be submitted by other organizations with Atlantic Cape as a sub-grantee or funded partner, must be managed by the Resource Development Department through the procedures attached to this policy.

The administration and individual project directors should recognize the special obligations that are assumed by the acceptance of grant funds. Most grant contracts provide explicit performance and fiscal requirements, and all grants come with implicit requirements to implement the funded projects in accordance with proposed objectives. Attached are procedures for controlling and accounting for the performance of activities as well as the fiscal obligations required by grant-makers.

Atlantic Cape's President will make the ultimate decision for committing the College to any institutional grant, contract or inter-agency agreement.


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