Procedure No. 503.1
Area: General Administration

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Grants Procurement/Administration


1. Administrative approval must be obtained before a proposal for a grant or contract is developed.

  • The individual initiating the proposal should complete and process a Grant Pre-Proposal Form. (This form may be obtained from the Resource Development Office. - See 504.1 - Supplement 1)
NOTE: The Resource Development Office will be available to assist faculty and staff members in developing the Grant Pre-Proposal Form.
  • B. Upon approval by the College President, the proposal originator should forward a copy of the approved Grant Pre-Proposal Form to the Resource Development Office.

2. Upon receipt of the approved Grant Pre-Proposal Form, the proposal originator and the Resource Development Office will coordinate the preparation of the grant proposal draft.

  • Upon request from the grant proposal originator, the Resource Development Office will provide the following:

(1) consultation for proposal form
(2) data retrieval for:
a. cover page
b. abstract
c. needs assessment
(3) assist in drafting of proposals as needed.
(4) assistance with finalization of proposal such as budgeting, proof- reading, writing the final document, clerical support, etc.
3. Upon completion of the final proposal draft, the proposal originator or the Resource Development Office will obtain the necessary approvals (signatures) within the College and submit the final proposal to the funding agency.

4. Approved final proposals will be on file in the Resource Development Office.

5. Following submission of the final proposal to the funding agency, and before receipt of the award, inquiries relative to any proposals are coordinated by the proposal contact person. This person will advise the Resource Develop- ment Office as to the status of the proposal with the funding agency. Any revisions to the original proposal should be made by the project originator and subsequently approved by the President.

6. The proposal originator shall apply for post-decision analysis from the funding agency. All comments regarding the post-decision analysis will be reported to the proposal contact person. These comments will be kept on file in the Resource Development Office.


1. Upon receipt of notification of grant award and acceptance by the College, the contact person will notify all participatory personnel.

2. Primary responsibility and accountability for the grant project operations rests with the project director.

3. Upon receipt of the grant contract, the Resource Development Office and the Grants Management Office work with the project director and the Grants Accountant to establish the budget recording system for the grant.

4. During the grant period the Resource Development Office will:
A. Provide clerical and technical assistance to the project in the area of grant administration.
B. Serve as liaison between the College and the funding agency.
C. Serve as liaison between the project director and other offices within the College.
D. Maintain copies of required project reports on file.


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