Procedure No. 600.2
Area: Finance Department

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Review and Analysis of Accounts

1. The College Chart of Accounts will be reviewed on an annual basis to insure that it reflects the current organizational structure of the institution.

2. Any account code/mapping restructuring that is required in order to insure proper budget and expenditure reporting will be accomplished and implemented with the commencement of the new fiscal year.

3. Account printouts will be sent to the various cost centers monthly.

4. Monthly account analysis will be maintained on significant balance sheet accounts as directed by the Controller.

5. An operating account is utilized for operating purposes and not for investment activities. Any operating account which does not experience any transactions within one (1) year will be analyzed to determine its need, and closed if appropriate.


Budget Transfer Procedures No. 600.3
Inter-departmental Charges and Transfers No. 600.4
Backcharge FormSupplement No. 600.4

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