Procedure No. 600.3
Area: Finance Department

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Budget Transfer Procedures

The procedure for submitting budget revisions are:

1. Transfers within accounts (operations to operations and salary to salary) need approval by the appropriate senior staff member, and the Dean of Administration and Business Services. The Finance Office will complete the transfer after verification of available funds.

2. Transfers between accounts (transfers from one budgeted account to another) and transfers involving salaries to operations or vice versa also require approval by the President.

3. All four (4) copies of the budget change request form should be sent to the Dean of Administration and Business Services after approval by the senior staff person making the request. The Dean of Administration and Business Services will obtain the President's signature if needed. The Finance Office will distribute the approved copies after implementation of the transfer.

4. "Transferred FROM" and "Transferred TO" information should be completed in total:

a. Specify the Account Number
b. Specify the Object Code
c. State the amount in whole dollars, i.e., $35 rather than $35.02.
d. Compute and record the new dollar amounts in the "Revised Budget Line" in both sections.


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