Policy No. 601

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:9/23/08


Description: Cash and Banking

The selection of banks of deposit, including certificates of deposit, and the procedures for withdrawals will be as designated by the Trustees (usually at the annual reorganization meeting).

The Finance Department will be the sole representative of the College for opening accounts, issuing checks, and other day-to-day banking transactions.

In order to hold to a minimum the amount of cash in the offices, no checks will be cashed for students or employees.



Safekeeping of Money No. 601.1
Cashier Checkout No. 601.2
Cash Counted Down Sheet Supplement 1, No. 601.2
Returned Checks No. 601.3
Cash Over/Short No. 601.4
Cash Over/Short Log Supplement 1, No. 601.4
Student Accounts No. 601.5
Student Loans No. 601.6
Student Scholarships and Grants No. 601.7
Payment Plan No. 601.8
Chargeback Certificates for Non-County Residents No. 601.9
Refund No. 601.10
Renegotiating Perkins Loans No. 601.11
Renegotiated Payment Agreement Supplement 1, No. 601.11



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