Procedure No. 601.9
Area: Finance Department

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Chargeback Certificates for Non-County Residents

1. Students residing in New Jersey counties that do not have community or county-assisted colleges may be eligible for in-county tuition rates at Atlantic Cape Community College.

To qualify, such students must obtain a "Chargeback Certificate" from their county treasurer's office. This certificate is presented to the Atlantic Cape Business Office when the term bills are being settled. It will be accepted as part-payment in a pre-determined amount, the students paying their share at in-county rates. The Atlantic Cape Business Office bills the counties for county shares.

2. A student from another county may want to enroll in a program at Atlantic Cape that is not offered at his/her local county community college. If accepted at Atlantic Cape, such a student may qualify for the chargeback benefit by first obtaining an "inability to admit" certificate from the local college. This is presented to the local county treasurer's office, and chargeback clearance is obtained as above.

3. Students are individually responsible for obtaining their certificates in order to get the benefit of in-county tuition rates at Atlantic Cape. The college cannot do this for them.


Refund No. 601.10
Renegotiating Perkins Loans No. 601.11
Renegotiated Payment Agreement Supplement 1, No. 601.11

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