Procedure No. 602.3
Area: Finance Department

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Payroll

Employees will be compensated for services to the College only through the regular payroll process.

The Payroll Department will exercise the accounting functions of compensation. Decisions as to the addition to or removal of employees from the payroll, rates of pay, and types of deductions will be made in the Personnel Department with timely notice to Payroll on an Employee Add Change Form.

After individual employees are officially on the payroll, the compensable hours of work for hourly-paid employees and time records for overtime work for others will be based upon authorizations from the employing department and reported directly to the Payroll Department.

Paydays are established as follows:

a. Bi-weekly (on Fridays) for administration, staff, and full-time faculty.
b. Monthly or biweekly for adjunct faculty, depending on semester.
c. On a special announced schedule for coaches and the division chairpersons' stipends.

Full-time faculty may elect to receive their salaries on either a ten-month or twelve-month basis.

All payroll data (payroll recap time sheet and copies of change form from personnel) for a payday must be in the Payroll Department seven (7) calendar days before the designated payday.

A separate bank account is used for payroll. Deposits each payday will be in an amount equal to employees' net checks.


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