Procedure No. 602.4 - Supplement 1
Area: Finance Department

Atlantic Cape Community College

Date__________________________      Charge to Account 0-17000-1392
Trip Destination and Purpose_____________________________________
Date Leaving__________________ Date Returning____________________

Expense Items:                            Estimated Cost: 
Transportation:  Rail                          $______________               
                 Air (Must have Dean's approval)______________
                 Car                            ______________
                 Bus                            ______________

Per Diem Costs:
Meals:   _____ days @ $___________              ______________
Lodgings:_____ days @ $___________              ______________
                                       TOTAL    $______________
I AGREE that within 30 days after my return from my trip, and before applying for another advance, an itemized report of this advance, using the Travel Expense Report/Voucher, with transportation, hotel, and any other obtainable receipts attached, will be filed and sent to the Business Office.
                                       Signature of Applicant
                         Approved by:___________________________
                                            Department Head
___________________________________  ___________________________
Dean (If necessary)                    Director, Business Svcs.
White - Accounts Payable
Canary - Accounting
Pink - Requester
Revised: 4/7/94


Travel Expense Report/VoucherSupplement 2, No. 602.4
Air Travel Request FormSupplement 3, No. 602.4

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