Procedure No. 607.1

Area: Finance Department, Information Technology Services

Description: Acquisition Methods for Cellular Phones

Adopted: 2/21/08
Revisions Approved:

There are two acquisition methods for cellular phones. The first method is a college-provided device. The second method is an allowance method. The respective Dean decides which method is appropriate for each eligible employee.

Method One: College-Provided Device

Under Method One, the communications device must be essential for the employee to properly perform his or her required duties and will be used exclusively for business purposes. If the respective Dean determines that an employee's duties necessitate the provision of a communications device, then the following steps must be completed:
  • Complete the Cell Phone Authorization Form, including required signatures.
  • Submit the form to the Dean of Information Technology.
  • A College-owned communications device will be assigned through the Dean of Information Technology's office.
  • The department will be backcharged monthly for the cost of the device.
  • All call detail records for College-provided communications devices are subject to audit for personal use. Audits may be conducted periodically and will be unannounced. Audits will be conducted by the Finance Department in conjunction with the employee's supervisor.
  • If the employee's job duties change and/or the employee's employment with the department ends, then the employee must return the College-provided communication device to the Dean of Information Technology's office immediately.
Method Two: Allowance Method

Under Method Two, eligible employees will receive a taxable allowance for an individually owned cell phone or device. The amount of the quarterly allowance is determined annually by Senior Staff. The quarterly stipend for calendar year 2008 is $75.00. The respective Dean should use his/ her knowledge of the employee's duties and budget considerations to determine if an employee is eligible for a cell phone allowance. If the Dean determines that an employee's duties justify receiving a cell phone allowance, then the following steps must be completed:
  • Complete the Cell Phone Allowance Request Form, including required signatures.
  • Once the Cell Phone Allowance Request Form is complete, the department should initiate an Assignment Form to pay the employee a quarterly stipend (Paid in March, June, September and December).
  • The completed Assignment Form along with the yellow copy of the signed Cell Phone Allowance Authorization Request Form, and a copy of the employee's recent cell phone invoice should be sent to the Human Resources Department for processing.
  • If the Allowance Method start date falls within a quarter, then the quarterly stipend must be pro-rated according to the start date on the Cell Phone Allowance Authorization Form.
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