Policy No. 702

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 08/04/99


Description: Centralization of Business Services to the Campus

For efficiency in providing common services required by College departments and to realize the benefits of the specialization of functions, the administration will provide for centralization of service functions as far as possible. In particular, the campus needs for purchasing, receiving, storage and issue of common supplies, printing, and mail and courier service will be centralized as functions within the Business Services Department.

The Purchasing Function: Procedures for the procurement of goods and services for the operation of the College will be established under the centralized authority of a Purchasing Office.

Where the development of specifications for specialized materials (such as items for Facilities Management and Information Technology Services) may be delegated to other departments, the procedures for that purchasing will be integrated into and directed by the central Purchasing Office.

In the case of large and unique contracts (such as for the construction of buildings) where consulting specialists (such as architects) may be responsible for specifications, the central purchasing office will protect the interests of the College by supervising the bid and bonding procedures.

Supplies and Stores: Consumable supplies and stores will be stocked in and issued from a central stores division. Excessive inventories and varieties of items will be avoided. Issues will be made only upon presentation of approved requisitions. Adequate security measures will be established to prevent losses and spoilage of stock.

The Print Shop: All printing for College purposes will be done by the on-campus Print Shop unless its equipment cannot meet the legitimate requirements of a particular job.

This does not preclude the use of photo-copy machines or other devices that are determined to be more efficient for small quantities of reproduction.

The Print Shop will provide adequate security measures for the printing and storage of examinations.

Postage: All College mail will have postage applied by the meters in the Mail Room. There will be no independent supplies of postage stamps in the offices. Exceptions may be authorized for outlying locations.



General Rules for Procurement No. 702.1
Requisition Process for Non-Perishable Purchases No. 702.2
Methods of Purchase No. 702.3
Purchase Order Preparation for Non-Perishables No. 702.4
Purchase Order Distribution for Non-Perishables No. 702.5
Purchase Order Change Notice for Non-Perishables No. 702.6
Central Receiving for Non-Perishable Supplies & Equipment No. 702.7
Management of Perishables No. 702.8
Perishable Storeroom Basic Daily Receiving Procedures No. 702.9
Goods Received Without Invoice Supplement 1, No. 702.9
Request for Credit Memo Supplement 2, No. 702.9
Central Stores Non-Perishables No. 702.10
Central Stores Distribution No. 702.11
Print Shop No. 702.12
Mail Room No. 702.13


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