Procedure No. 702.2
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 08/04/99

Description: The Requisition Process For Non-Perishable Purchases

1. The purchasing function for the entire College is centralized, which means that all departments will obtain supplies, equipment, and outside services through the Purchasing Department.

2. Requests for purchases are made on a Requisition form or via the Electronic Purchase Order System.

The College has installed an Electronic Purchase Order System. The system supports the procurement process by providing the capability to reserve funds for requisitions, consolidate requisitions for ordering, generate purchase orders from requisitions, verify the availability of funds for encumbrance and support maintenance of procurement data file.

  • The system maintains an on line requisition/purchase order data set.
  • The systems feeds into the FRS to allow encumbrance of funds.
  • The system provides on-line enquiry for the status of individual requisitions, purchase orders and vendors.
  • The system supports accounts payable and receiving functions.
The Business Services Office is responsible to train and provide access to appropriate College Personnel. (reference POS training manuals)

All requisitions must contain the following information before being sent to the Purchasing Office (see corresponding letter codes on examples).

  1. Date of requisition.
  2. Type of requisition.
  3. Quantity to be ordered.
  4. Description of the item to be requested.
  5. Department and budget number.
  6. Department/division signatures.
  7. Signature of appropriate dean or President if required.
  8. Signature of Director of Business Services.
  9. Estimated price if known.
  10. Delivery address.
NOTE: If the item requested is unique or of limited source, a recommended vendor may be stated along with a catalog number if known.

3. Required Approval: Each requisition must have signatures of the requisitioner, a department or division chairperson, and the Director of Business Services before the requisition is transferred to a purchase order.

4. Scope of Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the requisitioner to describe accurately what is wanted, to complete the entire requisition request, and to obtain the necessary signatures within the department/division. It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Office to act diligently upon each requisition, following regulations for purchasing by state institutions. Except when cooperation is agreed to by the Purchasing Office, the requisitioner should not have dealings with suppliers.


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