Procedure No. 702.3
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 08/28/01

Revisions Approved: 11/20/07

Revisions Approved: 06/25/13

Description: Methods of Purchase

1. By direct purchase orders based on informal quotations:

  • Only for purchases under $6,820.

2. By solicitation of formal quotations (at least three):

  • Mandatory for purchases between $6,820 and $34,100 and the preferred method for smaller orders.
  • Also used for larger orders that may be exempt from formal bidding.

3. By competitive bid:

  • Mandatory for purchases of goods or services whose total cost is expected to exceed $34,100.

4. By Pay to Play Regulations

  • Mandatory for any purchase (cumulative or single) for a single vendor totaling $17,500, but less than $34,100, unless awarded through a Fair and Open process (Bid Sealed Quote, RFP)

5. Business Registration Certification

  • Mandatory for vendors whose purchase(s) are $5,115 (cumulative or single) or greater.

Price, delivery, and discount will be taken into account in the placement of orders. Purchase orders will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder unless there are unusual extenuating circumstances. Positive effort will be made to deal with local suppliers before seeking sources elsewhere.

When orders can be filled under state contracts, the quotation and bidding procedures are not needed.


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