Procedure No. 702.4
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Purchase Order Preparation For Non-Perishables

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Office to prepare all purchase orders and associated documentation for the contracting of goods and services for Atlantic Cape Community College.

1. All purchase orders must have the following displayed (see attached sample "Purchase Order"):

  • "Department" is for requisitioner's name and College department or division for proper delivery by the Central Receiving Department.
  • All purchase orders must show a date. This date is the actual date that the contract went into effect with a particular vendor.
  • Name and address of the vendor: If required, whose attention the purchase order is to be sent to should be shown.
  • Item listing must be shown - beginning with Item 1.
  • The quantity ordered must always be shown. This is a requirement so that Receiving can correctly clear the completed order.
  • Description should include any catalog numbers if known. If the description is extensive, additional documents can be attached to the purchase order.
  • Unit price must be shown regardless of the fact that the unit price may also be the total price. Most of the time the unit price is the price quoted by the vendor.
  • "Item" must be extended so as to give the full price of the particular item being ordered.
  • Each purchase order must contain in the body of the description the statement concerning the delivery of all materials through Central Receiving.
  • Each purchase order will display a 10 digit charge number for use by the Accounting Department.
  • All purchase orders will contain a total price for the order even though only one item is being ordered.
  • No purchase order may be given to a vendor without the signature of the Director of Business Services.
  • Indication of whether material is Purchase Order type.
  • If the destination building and room number are known, this must be shown. This will enable Receiving to deliver the material to the exact location.
  • Vendor number, if existing, on POS System. This number is associated with Accounts Payable and is an 11-digit number.
  • Any discounts quoted by the vendor when giving prices should be stated in the body of the description and subtracted from the total price. This will give a net total price.
  • If shipping charges are to be paid by the College, it is to be so stated in the body of the purchase order, at the same time requesting the vendor to show shipping charges separately on the invoice for payment.
  • Any order involving state contract must be stated as such.
Terms and conditions for the vendor listed on back of vendor's copy of the purchase order should be noted.
Any deviations to the above procedures must have the approval of the Director of Business Services.
2. The distribution of the 4 copies of the Purchase Order is indicated by the pale red imprinting on each copy. Receipt of goods are documented on the electronic Purchase Order System and is utilized to pay on invoices and as notice that the order is completed and/or closed.

If the vendor's copy is delivered by hand for pick-up of an order, the person doing the picking up must notify the Receiving Department of receipt of goods.


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