Procedure No. 702.5
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Purchase Order Distribution for Non-Perishables

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to insure proper distribution of all purchase orders initiated within the department. The span of distribution includes both internal (Atlantic Cape) and external (vendor).

The purchase order used by Atlantic Cape Community College consists of four (4) parts all of which are properly distributed throughout the College and to the vendor.


A. Purchase orders not requiring advance payment:
1. Part 1 - original - is mailed to the vendor.
2. Part 2 is retained in the Purchasing open order file.
3. Part 3 is sent to Receiving.
4. Part 4 is sent to the Business Office for future payment.
Departments who access purchase orders electronically, hard copies will not be distributed. Copies 2, 3, and 4 of purchase order are backup reference only, all receiving and account payable information is to be documented on the Purchase Order System.
B. Purchase orders requiring advance payment:
1. Parts 1 ; 4 are sent to the Business Office. The Business Office will create a payment check and mail along with the original copy of the purchase order to the vendor.
2. Part 2 is retained in the Purchasing open order file.
3. Part 3 is retained by Receiving for match with incoming order.


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