Procedure No. 702.6
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Purchase Order Change Notice For Non-Perishables


It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to coordinate and prepare all change notices for previously issued purchase orders.


All purchase order change notices must, when applicable, have the following information displayed on the document.
A. Place the number of the original purchase order in this field. Above the number, assign a change notice number, e.g., change notice #1.
B. Name and address of the particular vendor. Show to whose attention the change notice is being sent if required by the said vendor.
C. All change notices must show a date. This date is the actual date that the change to the original contract went into effect.
D. Vendor number if displayed on the original order.
E. Regardless of the type of change involved, the department field is to be completed for proper delivery.
F. Each change notice will display the same nine digit department charge number that is shown on the original purchase order.
G. Item number that is to be affected by the change notice.
H. Show the quantity ordered even though it is not a part of the change.
I.; J. If the unit price is changed, the unit's total price is to be shown.
K. Discounts are to be shown if the same action occurred on the original purchase order.
No purchase order change notice may be given to a vendor without the signature of the Director of Business Services.


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