Procedure No. 707.1
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Capital Inventory Record

It is the responsibility of the Receiving/Inventory Department to create and maintain the Capital Inventory File to assure that capital equipment is placed in the pre-arranged location and that the allocation of capital equipment has been properly assigned for both maintenance and audit purposes.

Upon receipt of capital equipment a barcoded decal tag is to be affixed to the equipment. The following data is documented on College's Inventory System:

A. Asset
B. Item Code
C. Room Tag
D. Manufacturer
E. Model
F. Serial Number
G. Cost
H. Purchase Order Number
I. Date of Purchase
J. Method of Purchase
K. Ownership
L. Account Number

The data must be updated any time the status should change.

To assure that all equipment can be properly recorded as to its location, a record of movement and relocation must be submitted on equipment. Once approved the form will be submitted to the Business Services Office for further action. (See 707.1 - Supplement 1)

All Equipment to be moved off campus must have prior approval from the Director of Business Services or his/her designee.


Equipment Relocation RequestSupplement 1, No. 707.1
Property DisposalNo. 707.2
Property Disposal AuthorizationSupplement 1, No.707.2

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