Procedure No. 707.2
Area: Business Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Property Disposal

To assure that all equipment is properly accounted for upon its disposal, a Property Disposal Authorization Form must be completed and approved. Disposal must be documented and inventory files corrected. This procedure applies to all capital equipment, i.e., anything labeled with an Atlantic Cape equipment number decal.

Any equipment declared obsolete or worn out must be approved by a committee of at least three administrators: the President, the Dean of Academics, and the Dean of Administration and Business Services. Useless or broken equipment or furniture, i.e., damaged beyond repair, cannot be disposed of until proper documentation is approved. (See 707.2 - Supplement 1)

The Property Disposal Authorization Form will also be used when equipment has been reported missing, traded-in, or transferred. Special notation must he made with supportive documentation attached when the form is used for the above reasons.

Excess or unusable consumable supplies and small equipment or books may be disposed of as judged necessary and prudent by the Director of Business Services by publicly advertised sale. The Business Services Office will act for the College or be consulted on all disposal.


Property Disposal AuthorizationSupplement 1, No.707.2

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