Procedure No. 808.1
Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Retirement

A. Criteria to qualify as a retired employee:

1. Ten years of employment at the time of retirement.
2. Announced intention of retirement at time of separation from active service at Atlantic Cape Community College.
3. Application filed for retirement benefits in accordance with State of New Jersey Division of Pension regulations.

B. Office of Retired Employee Advocate
College will provide space for an Office of Retired Employee Advocate. The office will be staffed on a volunteer basis and will receive advisory support from Human Resources. The functions of this office will be:

1. Maintenance of a current address list of retirees.
2. Insure that retirees are informed of activities of interest, e.g. college announcements, publications, course schedules, events, etc.
3. Encourage participation in scholarship contributions, special funds, and events.
4. Provide advice and counsel on benefits of interest to retirees.
5. Assure that invitations are extended to employees entering retired status for recognition by the Board of Trustees.
6. Assist in determining ways retirees can participate of become involved with Atlantic Cape activities as volunteers, consultants, or advisory members of appropriate committee.

C. Available services and facilities:

1. Retirees will have access to and use of the College Learning Resource Center on a space available basis.
2. Xerox-type reproduction equipment for personal use of the retirees at cost through the facilities of the Office of Retired Employees Advocate.
3. Athletic facilities, including tennis courts, may be utilized on a space available basis.
4. A discount at the college bookstore will be available to the retiree upon presentation of college I.D.
5. Special arrangements for use of other facilities may be requested through the Office of Retired Employee Advocate.

D. Organization of Atlantic Cape Retired Employees:

1. As stated in paragraph B., Atlantic Cape Community College will support the establishment of the Office of Retired Employee Advocate to establish a liaison between the college and the organization of Atlantic Cape Retired Employees.

E. Part-time teaching:

1. The college may offer qualified retirees employment in teaching on a semester part-time basis.
2. Retirees will notify the Office of Retired Employee Advocate if they are interested.

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