Policy No. 816

Area: Human Resources

Description: Compensatory Time

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Staff personnel in positions eligible for overtime payment may elect to take compensatory time in lieu of payment for any time worked beyond the regular work week with the consent of the immediate supervisor.

The accumulation of compensatory time will be mutually decided between the employee and the supervisor and approved by the Human Resources Department with such accumulation reported to the Human Resources Department on a Payroll Time Sheet no later than the end of the payroll period in which the time was earned. The maximum of compensatory time permitted in any contract year is limited to seventy (70) hours. Requests for the use of compensatory time will be processed in advance of the leave period on an approved Leave Request Form. Only leave duly reported will be permitted to be taken.

(Refer to appropriate bargaining unit agreement)

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