Procedure No. 819.1
Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Disciplinary Action

Where an employee's work performance is unsatisfactory or where an employee has violated college rules and regulations to the extent that disciplinary action is necessary but the employee's continued presence on the job site does not present a problem, the following steps should be taken:

1. Oral Warning: Involves counseling with the employee to identify the problem or situation to be resolved.

2. Written Warning: Involves discussion with the employee and a memorandum of confirmation identifying the problem to be resolved. The written warning may contain the phrase such as "failure to improve performance or correct the situation may result in further disciplinary action."

3. Suspension or Discharge: Where written warnings are not heeded or where an employee is involved in serious violation of college rules and regulations, the following actions should be taken:

a. Suspension: Involves removal from payroll for a specific number of days. Before such action is taken, the matter must be discussed with the Human Resources Department. An employee must be informed of the suspension verbally with a confirmation in writing. A copy of the written statement is to be filed with the Human Resources Department.
b. Discharge: Should be considered a matter of last resort. Before an employee is discharged, the situation must be discussed with the Human Resources Department. If it becomes necessary to discharge an employee, a written notice of separation stating the effective date and the reason for separation will be given to the employee.

If the violation is of a nature where the continuation of the employee's presence on the job would cause a threat to other personnel or an interruption of work performance, separation shall be immediate.

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