Procedure No. 830.1
Area Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Life Threatening Illnesses

1. Consistent with this concern for employees with life-threatening illnesses, the college offers the following range of services through the Human Resources Department:

Management and employee information on terminal illnesses and specific life-threatening illnesses.

Referral to agencies and organizations which offer supportive services for life-threatening illnesses.

Benefit consultation to assist employees in effectively managing health, leave and other benefits.

2. When dealing with situations involving employees with life-threatening illnesses, managers should be sensitive to their conditions and ensure they are treated consistently with other employers. Managers should:

a. Remember that an employee's health condition is personal and confidential. Reasonable precautions should be taken to protect information regarding an employees's health condition.

b. Contact Human Resources if you believe that you or other employees need specific information on terminal illnesses or if further guidance is required in managing a situation that involves an employee with life-threatening illness.

c. Contact Human Resources if there is any concern about the possible contagious nature of an employee's illness.

d. Contact Human Resources to determine if a statement should be obtained from the employee's attending physician that continued presence at work will pose no threat to co-workers or students. Atlantic Cape Community College reserves the right to require an examination by a medical doctor appointed by the college.

e. If warranted, make reasonable accommodation, including request for transfer, for employees with life-threatening illnesses consistent with the mission requirements of the division/unit.

f. Be sensitive and responsive to co-workers' concerns and emphasize employee education through the Human Resources Department.

g. Be sensitive to the fact that continued employment for an employee with a life-threatening illness may sometimes be therapeutically important in the remission or recovery process, or may help to prolong that employee's life.

Employees should be encouraged to seek assistance from established community support groups for medical treatment and counseling services. Information on these can be obtained through the Human Resources Department.

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