Procedure No. 841.1
Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:3/26/09

Description: Position Classification

  • The employee and/or supervisor requests a Reclassification Questionnaire from the Human Resources Department (also available online)
  • The supervisor completes and signs Supplement 1: Position Reclassifcation Form and returns it to Human Resources
  • The supervisor meets with Human Resources to review and discuss details of the request
  • Human Resources studies the request and prepares a report for the President's Reclassification Review Committee.
  • Human Resources meets with the President's Reclassification Review Committee to discuss the merits of the request, including comparative data within the classification.
  • The President's Reclassification Review Committee will then decide, if applicable, to bring the supervisor and/or area Dean into the discussion.
  • The President's Reclassification Review Committee issues its findings to the Human Resources Department.
  • Human Resources communicates the findings to the supervisor.
  • Human Resources implements the results of the reclassification study, if applicable.

Supplement 1: Position Reclassification Form

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