Procedure No. 848.1
Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Descriptions: Salary Advance

Actor:                 Action:

Employee               1.  Pursues funds through PERS and/or ABCO
                       2.  Demonstrates emergency need to Senior Staff 

Human Resources        3.  Verifies vacation/comp time accrual

Employee               4.  Agrees to pay back terms

Human Resources        5.  Processes gold form and payroll deduction form
                       6.  Secures approval signature of Executive Director
                            of Human Resources, Senior Staff member and Dean of   
                       7.  Signs Memo of Understanding for pay back

Accounting             8.  Processes check

Human Resources        9.  Release check
                      10.  Begins payroll deductions
                      11.  Places paperwork in personnel file

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