Policy No. 901

Area: Facilities Management

Description: Classification of Services

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:


It is the policy of the Facilities Management Department to classify services into two categories:

1. Facilities Services (non-chargeable)
2. Departmental and/or special services (chargeable)
Facilities services shall pertain to those regularly assigned, recurring services required to maintain the daily operation of the overall facilities, and for which budget allocations are provided on an annual basis. Thus, facilities services are rendered without charge to other budget units. Some examples would include:

1. Maintenance of permanent structures which are unaffected by occupancy changes.
2. Maintenance and operation of all campus-wide and local utilities, e.g. potable water, natural gas, sewerage, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refuse removal.
3. Maintenance of special equipment necessary for general service to the college community, e.g. elevators, alarm systems, hardware.
4. Maintenance of general campus paths, roadways, parking lots and grounds.
5. Motor pool services.
6. Routine housekeeping services.
Departmental and/or special services are services rendered to departments and/or budget units who have received budget allocations, or a special institutional allocation for the performance of the requested service. They would also include any services which are in excess or contrary to the regularly scheduled facilities services. Some examples would include:

1. Minor alterations to buildings, structures and specialized equipment assigned to departments or activities.
2. Additions of special items such as laboratory equipment, window coverings, additional lighting or power requirements, furniture, shelves, etc.
3. Changing of, or re-keying locks in cases where mechanical installation is sound.
4. Painting for color changes or outside of regular painting cycles.


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