Procedure No. 902.1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Purchasing of Materials

All procurement of materials and services for the Facilities Management Department shall be processed through the centralized services of the Business Services Department via their most current procedures for procurement. However, due to the specialized nature of many of the materials and services required by the Facilities Management Department, the Facilities Management Office may frequently assist in the purchasing process by obtaining pricing information and the placement of orders via fax or telephone. These exceptions are privileges extended by the Business Services Department which may be revoked at any time due to abuse or other complications.

Facilities Management may enter into agreements with other departments for the purpose of supplying facilities related materials from their existing inventory at an "at cost" backcharge rate, e.g., housekeeping supplies, light bulbs, etc.

Facilities Management shall offer and use its expertise in ordering facilities related supplies for other departments if requested. Upon approval of the participating department, Facilities Management shall initiate, track, obtain supplies/materials and deliver or install. The order shall be backcharged or entered directly against the participating department's budget, e.g., repair parts for culinary equipment, kilns, etc.

Facilities Management shall be permitted to maintain reasonable levels of inventory stocks of commonly used hardware, electrical, plumbing and housekeeping supplies. Appropriate security measures shall be taken to prevent waste, misuse or theft of the inventories.

Facilities Management shall be permitted to obtain open purchase orders at frequently used suppliers. The purchase requisition shall be processed for a specified dollar amount. The Facilities Management Office shall maintain current records indicating activity on the purchase order and current balance available. Activity on the account shall be documented via the "blanket purchase order" form which must always be presented when materials are being received or picked up. (See Supplement 1, No. 902.1)


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