Procedure No. 902.2
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Backcharges for Services/ Materials

Inventoried Materials - departments requesting the acquisition of normally inventoried facilities materials should proceed as follows:

1. Prepare a written or E-mail request indicating material(s), quantity and budget to be charged. Written request can be in memo form.

2. Submit request to Facilities Management Office for processing.

3. Materials will be delivered to requesting party.

4. Facilities Management Office shall prepare a backcharge using a purchase requisition form. (See 902.2-Supplement 1) Form will indicate "backcharge", material(s) and quantity, requester's budget number and a Facilities Management budget number as the vendor.

5. The requisition, along with original authorizing request, shall be sent to the Finance Office for processing. A copy will be maintained at Facilities Management.

6. Verification of backcharge can be found on the OBM92 printout or screen "023" in the Financial Records System (FRS).

Materials to be ordered - Departments requiring Facilities Management to order materials for or on behalf of them should proceed as follows:

1. Often Facilities Management is requested to purchase materials for other departments or to provide services which require the acquisition of chargeable materials. These are generally materials which are determined and initiated by Facilities Management.
2. Facilities Management Office shall prepare a "Backcharge Authorization Form" (See 902.2-Supplement 2) indicating the reason for material(s) and cost. A copy of the purchase requisition will be attached.
3. The backcharge authorization shall be sent to the user department for authorizing signature and the account number to be charged. Upon completion, it will be returned to the Facilities Management Office.
4. The Facilities Management Office shall proceed as previously mentioned in steps 5 and 6.
Direct Ordering of Materials - Departments requiring frequent orders and rapid delivery can make arrangements for Facilities Management to directly enter orders into FRS against their budget(s):
1. The requesting department and Facilities Management shall determine if this process is justifiable. If so, it will be agreed to allow Facilities Management to place direct orders.

2. The requesting department shall identify the budget number, the maximum allowable dollar amount and any other restrictions/conditions in writing. One copy shall be sent to the Director of Facilities Management and one to the Director of Business Services.

3. Henceforth, all material orders entered into FRS shall require the approval of the Director of Facilities Management on the "252" screen along with the normal departmental approvals.

Departmental Services - Chargeable services as defined in Policy No. 901 "Classification of Services" shall be provided as the same format indicated in the aforementioned "Materials to be Ordered".


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