Policy No. 902 - Supplement 1
Area: Facilities Management


Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Organizational Chart


Purchasing of Materials No. 902.1
Blanket Purchase Order Form Supplement 1, No. 902.1
Backcharges for Services/Materials No. 902.2
Purchase Requisition Backcharge Supplement 1, No. 902.2
Authorization of Backcharge Supplement 2, No. 902.2
Prior Approvals No. 902.3
Real Property Records No. 902.4
New Construction (New Facilities, Additions or Major Alterations) No. 902.5
New Construction (New Facilities, Additions or Major Alterations)Supplement 1, No. 902.5
Safety and Emergency Rules No. 902.6
Community Use of College Facilities No. 902.7

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