Procedure No. 905.1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Energy Conservation Tips

Listed below are several areas where staff, faculty and students can help in conserving energy:

  1. Look for ways to save energy, i.e., shut off equipment when no in use; turn off unnecessary lights, fans and other equipment; turn out lights in offices, classrooms, etc. when areas are not in use.
  2. Use lighting only when natural sunlight is insufficient.
  3. Reduce lighting levels where possible. Facilities Management is available to measure existing light levels.
  4. Do not play with thermostats. Units are set at temperatures which comply with state and national energy codes.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing to compensate for lower winter temperatures and higher summer temperatures.
  6. Report leaking taps, toilets and urinals, broken windows, cracks and leaks, overheated roms and areas, and any other situation which wastes heat or energy.
  7. Limit usage of facilities during "off-hours".
  8. Operate blinds and shades to help insulate the buildings.

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