Procedure No. 909.1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Disposal of Excess Refuse/Equipment

The Facilities Management Department maintains and operates two trash compactors at the Mays Landing campus. Refuse and general trash is compacted in the container located outside the Buildings and Grounds Shop, "I" Building. Trash and garbage generated at the Academy of Culinary Arts and the Cafeteria is compacted in the container behind the Culinary Academy, "M" Building. Atlantic City and Cape May Extension Centers have open top containers located in their parking areas.

The Housekeeping Department is responsible for the routine collection of trash throughout the buildings. The Grounds Department is responsible for the routine collection of trash throughout the grounds and exterior receptacles.

The disposal of non-routine refuse or equipment should be scheduled with the Facilities Management Office:

  1. Individual should contact the Facilities Management Office and indicate what is to be removed and its current location.
  2. Generally, trash and rubbish items will be removed within 24 hours at no cost to the requester.
  3. If the material is equipment or furniture, the Business Services Department must be contacted prior to removal, so it can be deleted from the College inventory.
  4. If there are any disposal costs associated with the request, they shall be billed to the requester.
  5. Trash and refuse should not be placed in the hallways for disposal. Activity of this type can result in serious violations of state fire and life safety codes.

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