Policy No. 912

Area: Facilities Management

Description: Sign and Poster Placement

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revised: 11/25/08

Temporary signs, banners, posters or other types of displays advertising College events are permitted with the following restrictions:
  1. All student-related signs must be stamped for approval by Student Government and indicate "remove by" date. Material not stamped shall be removed.
  2. Signs may not be attached to the interior or exterior of any building except at designated locations.
  3. Exterior signs shall not be displayed on campus signage, traffic signals, trees, sign or lamp posts. An electronic sign board is located at the main entrance of the Mays Landing campus. Requests to have items placed on the sign must be made to the College Relations Offices two weeks in advance of the posting.. Free-standing signs may be placed around the grounds with the prior approval of the Facilities Management Director or his/her designee.
  4. Interior signs shall be confined to bulletin boards or similar areas identified for said purpose. Adhering signs and other displays to walls, doors, railings, windows, or similar interior structures causes damage and, therefore, is prohibited.
  5. All displays must be promptly and completely removed by the expiration date or completion of the event. Facilities Management shall charge the responsible department for removal and/or repairs for delinquent or obstructive signage.

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