Policy No. 914

Area: General Administration

Description: Emergency Closings

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 7/14/09, 11/18/14

The College President is responsible for determining when and in what manner Atlantic Cape shall be closed for emergency purposes.

If hampering snow conditions, physical plant problems or a national/state/local emergency develops, it may be necessary to close Atlantic Cape.

In emergencies, employees are designated as:

  1. Faculty/Chef Educators
  2. 12-month employees
  3. Essential staff

a. Security staff
b. Grounds, maintenance and utility repair personnel

II. Procedure:

Facilities Management is solely responsible for notifying radio stations. Philadelphia radio stations such as KYW, WPEN, WCAU and WDAS will give the following Atlantic Cape ID numbers: 918 Day/2910 Evening.

Local stations will name the College as being closed, however, each department head is responsible for conducting a phone chain to notify each department employee. Employees are expected at work if they do not receive a chain call. If employees feel that they cannot safely arrive for work, they may opt to use vacation time for the day. Failure to report to work or use vacation time under the conditions described may place employees in a non-pay status.

Essential staff employees, as defined, must report to work under all circumstances. There has been no attempt to equate the relative danger in travel conditions for students versus employees. It must be assumed that an employee, whose road/traffic situation prohibits his/her getting to the College, is within reason and right in determining not to endanger life and limb.

See Also:

General Administration Supplement 1, No. 502.1

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