Policy No. 915

Area: Facilities Management

Description: Maintenance, Grounds and Housekeeping

Adopted: 04/23/96
Reaffirmed: 10/22/19

It is a policy of the College to maintain its buildings, grounds, and all physical plant in a state of readiness, repair, and cleanliness at levels matching the high standards it holds for its academic programs, its student services, and its community image.

Resources will be made available in the budgets, and the performance of the Facilities Management Department will be measured accordingly.

The resources of labor and materials at the disposition of the Facilities Management Department will be organized for maximum effectiveness without waste or display. At the same time long-run maintenance needs and reliable equipment performance must not be sacrificed for short-run economies.


Work Requests No. 915.1
Work Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.1
Completion of Work Request Form Supplement 2, No. 915.1
Preventative Maintenance No. 915.2
Requesting Non-routine Services No. 915.3
Project Approval and Work Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.3
Equipment Installation No. 915.4
Moving Furniture, Equipment and Events Set-ups No. 915.5
Equipment Relocation Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.5
Vehicle Accessibility No. 915.6
Vehicle Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.6
Driver Summary Form for Insurance Purposes Supplement 2, No. 915.6
Fuel Dispensing Control No. 915.7

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